Webinar: Exploring new, digital Carepaths

Webinar: Exploring new, digital Carepaths

Quand? 03.09.2020

COVID-19 put a large share of our regular healthcare to an abrupt halt and the need for alternative ways to connect patients and caregivers became more clear than ever. In this one-hour webinar, followed by an interactive Q&A, Philips Healthcare Transformation consultants explore how hospitals can prepare for the future through new and digital carepaths for intra- and extramural populations.

Over the course of this session we will explore the case for digital carepaths and home hospitalization, the methods of defining the new way of working and existing barriers to date. You will gain more insight into how rethinking existing carepaths can help your hospital to become ever more patient-centric. By combining both methodological frameworks and concrete examples, this webinar aims to be both inspirational and practical.


Mark Ebbens – Head of Consulting, Operations and International Markets at Philips Healthcare Transformation Services

Mark leads the consulting and operations teams for Philips in the Healthcare Transformation Services (HTS) group. Working with Philips in-region Principals and regional consulting teams, he supports the growth and development of outcomes-focused solutions and the delivery of transformational change through expert teams on the ground. Working for, and with Philips’s valued customers, his goal is to achieve the 'quadruple aim' of improved outcomes, improved patient experience, improved staff experience and reduced cost.

Arlette Stierman - Senior Consulting Manager at Philips Healthcare Transformation Services

Working at Philips, Arlette has the chance to support hospitals and other healthcare organisations optimizing their care delivery. She does this by growing the Philips consultancy team and developing transformation methodologies to use in daily work. Her focus is on connecting healthcare organisations and digitizing and optimizing (integrated) care processes.